Working as a team, we will help you find the best franchise that best fits your needs.

We will:

  1. Start with a scientific, self-evaluation personality survey
  2. Determine your “must have” needs vs. your “nice-to-have” priorities
    1. Investment comfort level
    2. What industries appeal to you
    3. What do you want to do now – and 5-years from now
  3. Narrow down the search from 4,000 franchises to a select few
  4. Build a personalized business model according to your priorities
  5. Explore three or four brands that check off your priorities
    1. Your direction may change based on what you can learn
  6. Guide you through the exploration process
  7. Help you ask the right questions, until you are satisfied
  8. Introduce you to industry professionals:
    1. Financial experts to explain funding options
    2. Legal advisors to review documents and explain your rights

Our goal is to help you make an Informed Decision that is right for you and “No” is always acceptable. Keep in mind, SFG’s process is 100% about YOU.

Team work discussion

Defining Your Optimum Franchises

Before starting the franchise approval and awarding process, consider the following:

  • What valuable skills do I possess; any weaknesses?
  • Can I be happy following someone else’s rules in my franchise?
  • Do I want to work full-time or part-time in my business?
  • Shall I keep my job and find a business that is more like an investment?
  • What kind of work would I enjoy doing every day?
  • What tasks would I like to avoid doing in my business?
  • What would my role be over the next six or twelve months?
  • What would I like my position to be in five years?
  • How much of an investment am I comfortable making?
    • Cash investment
    • Borrowed funds
  • (Maintain plenty of cash reserves after the investment)
  • What would I like to earn next year?
  • How much would I like to earn in five years?
  • Do I want to create cash flow or equity in my business, long term?
  • Am I building a legacy or an asset for retirement?
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Other Considerations

Other considerations when determining your “must have” needs vs. your “nice-to-have” priorities include:

What industries appeal most to me?

(Remember, the business will be different from the owner’s role)

Who would I like my customers to be?

(Business owners, general public, seniors, children, pet owners, etc.)

How many employees are ideal?

(Zero, one to five, six to ten, more than ten)

Would I prefer managing skilled employees vs. hiring and training unskilled ones?

Where should my business be located: in my home or an office or a retail center?

These and other topics will be discussed as you and your SFG representative dive deeper into your personal dreams and ultimate goals.

Let’s find the franchise that best fits your needs

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