The four primary avenues to becoming an entrepreneur are:

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Each solution has its pros and cons, but buying a franchise can eliminate many big headaches.

No need for you to:

  • Research whether or not there is market demand for your product or service
  • Create all of the operating systems, yourself
  • Locate and evaluate qualified vendors and suppliers, on your own
  • Develop and test all of the marketing programs, alone
  • Make the numerous trial-and-error mistakes that all start-up owners experience

What is a franchise consultant?

Someone who offers you:

  1. A No Cost / No Obligation service
  2. Experienced support as you navigate a myriad of choices
  3. Trusted advice while keeping you on the right path
  4. A personal advocacy coach who will identify potential red flags

SFG’s consulting service is similar to a real estate broker while searching for a home:

  • You don’t pay anything

  • You give them the needs and wants in your ideal home

  • They narrow down your search

  • You explore several homes to refine your wishes

  • When you find your dream home, the seller pays the commission, not you

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What are the four simple steps for buying a franchise?

1. Talk to a few franchisors that check-off your “needs” and “wants” boxes

2. Talk to some franchisee owners about their experiences in the business

3. Attend a company Discovery Day / Open House at the home office

    • Meet the corporate executives, operations and training personnel
    • The franchisor can meet and approve you
    • Get your final questions answered

4. Consult with professionals:

    • Franchise lawyer (FDD and Agreement review)
    • Lending expert
    • Accountant / financial advisor


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